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A Dealer Auction Solution That Makes Sense and Money

CarTradeGo’s 5-bid auction system encourages dealers to place their best offer to secure their purchase. Reduce your efforts by monitoring multiple online auction platforms, last-minute frenzy bidding and closing on only a fraction of vehicles.

All our CarTradeGo dealers & wholesalers are pre-qualified and selected to operate on the CarTradeGo platform, ensuring higher conversion ratios, fewer arbitrations and access to quality inventory.

How Does It Work?
Dealers Connect To Sellers.


Register as an approved CarTradeGo dealer for free.


Bid on real-time postings of vehicles from consumers or dealers anytime from anywhere.


Live appraisals and consumer auctions close in 30 minutes. Landing vehicle auctions run Monday to Friday and end at noon.


The seller can accept the bid price to sell or trade their car.


CarTradeGo connects the buyer and seller to close the deal. Our team is there to support you. That is it.


Receive consumer leads for new or used cars.

Top Reasons Dealers
Choose CarTrade Go?

Access growing consumer-direct used car market to purchase your inventory.

Access a wide range of locally sourced wholesale vehicles.

Consumers post vehicles directly to the CarTradeGo Bidding System platform in real-time.

Access to “real”, “timely” and “qualified” consumer leads looking to buy in 21 days!

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and consumer leads.


Live Appraisals

As the first and fully integrated platform offering dealer access to the consumer appraisal market, not only do you have access to active customers at dealerships awaiting real-time appraisals on their trade to assist on their new vehicle purchase, but also direct access to the consumer market who are looking to trade or sell their vehicle on their own.

Our unique “5-bid” buyer auction system simplifies the auction process, increases conversion ratios and saves you time and money. You know what you are willing to pay for a vehicle, so make your best offer. When outbid, a notification is sent to you giving you four more chances to close the deal.

Landed Vehicles

Our Landed Vehicle auctions run in-stock vehicles Monday to Friday, with auctions closing at noon. Our 5-bid auction format simplifies the auction process for our trading dealers, increasing profitability and closing ratios for both buyers and sellers.

For buyers; everyone has a budget they’re willing to work within, place your best offer today. When outbid, a notification is sent giving you four more chances to close the deal.

With our specialized dealer and wholesaler network, there are a variety of vehicles listed hourly. The dealers also ensure you are never stranded with a vehicle for sale, seeking and listing inventory to turn! Forget about transportation costs, vehicles never have to leave your lot until they’re sold. Our in-house support centre of auto industry experts is available to finalize and close the deal!

Our advanced dealer filters also allow you to set your auction listing notifications for only the types of vehicles you want to see, some or all listed vehicles.

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Revolutionizing The Way Dealers Buy, Sell or Trade Vehicles.

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