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Guaranteed Virtual Car Dealer Auction Offers In 30 minutes!


Upload Your
Vehicle Information

Download the app. Input your vehicle’s details. Add some photos. Launch to our online auction platform. It only takes about 15 minutes.


Buyers Bid
for Your Vehicle

Our huge network of certified dealers bid in real-time on your vehicle. Our unique auction bidding system ensures vehicle owners get the best possible price for their car or truck.


Receive A Guaranteed Price
in 30 minutes

Dealerships bid on your car for 30 minutes, then you receive a guaranteed no-obligation offer to sell or trade your vehicle direct to your mobile device.


Sell Your Car for Cash
or Trade-It

With your guaranteed price offer, you can sell your car or trade it in at a dealership using your CarTradeGo offer as leverage. You have 21 days to decide. No rush.


Shop For New Cars!

Shop for your next new or pre-owned vehicle on our app too. Tell us what you want, and our dealers will compete to provide you with the right car for the best price.

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Sell or Trade Your Card for More Money! Guaranteed Virtual Car Dealer Auction. Offers In 30 Minutes!

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